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Our Artists will walk you through a painting during a two hour event and you take home your masterpiece. Each Artist is hand-picked. Learn more about our mission and artist criteria on our About Us Page.

Gregory Copploe

Gregory Copploe began his career in art graduating from UCLA with a BA in Theatre, and began painting in oil in 2001 after the passing of his father who also painted in this medium. As an homage to his father, he began his journey in oils experimenting with sky, water and the creation of faces in the clouds, creating relationships between the water, sky, and moon surrounding those faces. He had no idea that this homage to his father, would soon become a passion of his own, as he branched out into portraits, inspired by Sergei Smirnov and Modigliani.

Mr. Copploe is a gallery artist and a 4 time American Art Award Winner. He has worked in the Paint and Sip Industry since 2013 and is excited to Stir It Up with all of you.

He is also a self help author of The Art of Being Whole which can be found in print and on Audible, and is an Antique Dealer at Pacific Gallery and Antiques in Sodo.

Laura Blauman

Laura is an artist from Bellevue Washington. She discovered her love for painting early on and was heavily influenced by Van Gogh and the impressionist movement. Her art career began in elementary school, where she would sell her drawings to classmates for a dollar or piece of gum. She attended Savannah College of Art and Design and graduated in 2013 with a degree in Production Design. After working in the film and television industry for several years, Laura returned to Seattle and has been working in the design and print industry.
You can view Laura’s work on her website link below her photo.

Erin Harris

Erin, hailing from Northern California’s scenic foothills, is an artist with a Design degree from San Jose State University. Now based in Seattle, her love for the Pacific Northwest deeply influences her work. Skilled in various mediums – from charcoal, to stained glass – Erin holds a special appreciation for acrylic paint. With her expansive experience, Erin brings a supportive and empowering environment to her painting classes, nurturing creativity in all participants. 

Laura Baly

Meet Laura Baly, a passionate Seattle-based artist with a decade of painting expertise. Fueled by a love for capturing natural beauty, especially that of the Pacific Northwest, Laura enjoys sharing her artistic enthusiasm with others. Skilled in various mediums such as watercolor and soft pastels, Laura really loves the versatile and impactful nature of acrylics. When she’s not bringing canvases to life, you’ll find her enjoying nature walks around the beach or the forest with her two dogs. Laura truly believes there’s an artist in everyone, and she’ll encourage and guide you through a unique and vibrant painting experience, while exploring your creativity and having fun with paint and canvas! 



“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun”

– Pablo Picasso


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