Review Some of our Frequently asked Questions




Photography Acknowledgment and Consent

By attending this event, you acknowledge and consent that photographs will be taken during the event. You hereby grant permission for these photographs to be used for event promotional purposes, including but not limited to, inclusion in newsletters, websites, and social media platforms. Your attendance at the event shall constitute your agreement to such photography and its subsequent usage.

What is your refund policy?

We will charge a 10.00 processing fee for all refunds. We get charged a fee when you purchase your tickets, and we get charged to refund you. All private events are not refundable once paid, but can be rescheduled at the clients convenience as we hold that date and turn down business with other clients. Thanks for understanding..

How long is an event?

An event is approximately 2 hours. Please arrive early so you can reserve a seat for you and your friends. Sitting together is important and no one wants to be separated from their group.


Can I reschedule my event?

Absolutely. Please be sure you reschedule within 48 hours as we will not be able to send you a voucher code within a shorter time frame. Thanks for understanding.


Can someone come with me but not paint?

Each guest seated in the event area must purchase a ticket including Partner Paintings.


Do I need to bring anything with me?

All events include all of the supplies you will need to complete your painting. Alcohol is available for purchase and most wineries allow you to bring in food. Please do not bring in alcohol at any establishment during your event.


What do we do if an event gets cancelled?

Sometimes events do get cancelled for a variety of reasons. You will be sent a voucher to use for a future event.


What time should I arrive for my event?

Please arrive early to ensure your party sits together. One person from your group can arrive up to 45 minutes early and hold the seats for the rest of your group. It’s fun to arrive early and grab some food and have a drink prior to your event. Just let your server know you are with Stir Up The Paint. Who knows, you might even get a discount depending on the venue.


How do Virtual Events Work?

Please feel free to click on the Learn More button about Virtual Events on the Home Page. You can order branded kits and learn all about the software we use to host our Virtual Events. All the events are interactive and run much like a live event.


What is a Partner Painting?

Each guest paints one side of a canvas to create one larger painting. The two canvases fit together and are hung together to complete the scene. Enjoy with friends or that special someone as you both contribute your creative talent to complete the overall painting. Each guest does purchase a ticket for this event and each guest will be painting one side of the canvas, while your friend or partner completes the other side. Great for Valentine’s Day or just a special day to celebrate. It’s a must for an impressive Date Night.